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What Is The Difference Between Screen Repair And Screen Replacement?

July 15, 2023

One of the biggest travesties in today’s day and age is dropping your phone and picking it back up again to find a shattered glass screen staring back at you. While this may be common for a lot of people, becoming an extension of their clumsiness, a shattered phone screen can be pretty rough. In fact, it’s not just your phone screen that elicits such a response but any electronic device. Be it a tablet, laptop, or smart TV, a cracked screen is not a good look. Although when it comes to phone repair in Arlington, there are two primary options you can choose from: screen repair and screen replacement. To learn what is the major difference between these two, keep on reading this blog.

What is Screen Repair?

A screen repair might be needed when the digital display screen of your phone suffers from minor issues like cracks, unresponsive touch panels, or scratches. This is when the glass screen is replaced by a newer version without harming the actual screen underneath.

How Does Screen Repair Work?

A screen repair is carried out in the instances mentioned below. Ultimately, your electronic’s top layer might need to be replaced if the damage is surface level and causes problems with usage.

  1. Replacing the Glass Layer
    Instead of removing the entire screen and its arbitrary components, a screen repair involves switching out the glass screen.
  2. Fixing the Backlight
    If your phone’s backlight is affected, causing the screen to look extremely dark and saturated, the technician will work on bringing the backlight to life.
  3. Reviving Dead Pixels
    A common cause of screen repair is dead pixels. This is when a tiny patch on the screen appears colorless and keeps glitching. By replacing the screen and the pixels, your electronic device will be running in full gear once again.

What is Screen Replacement?

Screen replacement, on the other hand, is needed only in dire cases. That is to say, if your electronic device has stopped functioning or the display has vaporized completely, you might need to get the entire screen replaced.

How Does Screen Replacement Work?

Typically, a screen replacement is considered to be the final resort. It’s when every other method is tried and tested but to no avail, thus causing the technician to swap out the screen for a newer alternative. This can be quite expensive, depending on the make and model of the device. In some cases, phone screen replacements can cost you the same as a new phone, considering how expensive an LCD panel is.

What Is The Difference Between Screen Replacement And Screen Repair?

The biggest difference between a screen replacement and a repair is the component being swapped out and fixed. For instance, if the screen is only slightly damaged, but the device is working fine, a little repair is all it needs to be back in top shape. However, if the screen has completely gone black or the device’s LCD panel is severely malfunctioning, you will need to replace the whole screen.

Bottom Line

All in all, a screen repair and a screen replacement might sound the same, but they differ based on the intensity of the damage. For more details on phone repair, contact Dr. Phone Repair at (817) 385-9598. You can also drop by our shop at 2141 N Collins St #511, Arlington, TX 76011, to get your device fixed in person.


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